One of the easiest Marketing tactics for small business owners

Over 70% of your webpage visitors may be visiting your  socials or your website once and never coming back. So, how are you attracting visitors and retaining their information? Are you missing an opportunity?

Email marketing can change the game for you

There's no point building lists via your website and not communicating with people that signed up to receive email marketing from you! How would you feel if you signed up for 'tips and exclusive offers' with your favourite brand over 6 months ago...but you've never received any emails from them?

1. Email is the #1 communication channel in my opinion

Do you check your emails on a daily basis? Then you don't need much convincing on this one.

2. Email encourages sales quicker - conversions increase.

Think about it, if you sign up to receive offers, tips and emails you're already interested. Right?

3. Email marketing is cost effective and easy to use

As a tactic, it doesn't require too much effort to get startedBasically, I'll keep this brief, if you know you need help with:

- designing your email template

- writing emails or thinking of what to write

- starting an email and getting subscribers

- finding content emails

- creating a lead page to build awareness

Then get started today.

Either have a call with me about my 'done for you services' or book onto my 30 day programme and learn how to do this yourself. You get access to my video trainings and live Q&As so you can be sorted before the end of Summer.

This is just one of the key topics we'll be covering, book your place so you can get better at marketing, now

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