Get Focused Session + 30 Days of Coaching

30 Days of Coaching for small business owners, to improve your brand and marketing and come up with a plan. Includes an exclusive Get Focused session to review your priorities with a workbook.

Are you fed up of trying to do marketing on your own? Wondering how you can promote your brand and stay focused?

Don't stay stuck get the help and transform your business in 2023 :

If you're a registered business owner who has already been doing some marketing and you already have a brand or logo, join this programme now so that you can:

- Improve your consistency and increase brand awareness

- 30 Days of Coaching to improve your brand and marketing to help you improve your planning and organisation

- Developing packages or offers to sell

- How to promote your brand without overwhelm

- Access to demos, trainings and checksheets to improve your tactics, branding, copywriting, content planning and so much more.

- Includes an exclusive "Get Focused" session online to review your priorities with a workbook.

If you want to be more consistent and see some results, I can help you for 30 Days. Evening sessions every week and live coaching. Book now

Invest in your business and let's work on this together for just £97


If you want to see transformation and focus on making necessary changes in your business, secure your space now before they run out. Book now

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