Get Your Marketing Mojo back - 8 week programme

£ 397.00 GBP

Do you want to improve your brand, visibility, consistency and results between now and the end of the festive period? Book onto this 8 week coaching programme, done at your own pace - working with Vee by your side. Access to an exclusive Brand and Marketing programme with online trainings modules, workbooks and videos to help you get your brand and marketing mojo back! Stuck on brand and marketing? Want better results? Ask Vee questions at anytime and work through a set programme with support to improve your brand and marketing and ensure that you're: - clear on what you're doing - using the right systems and processes - promoting your festive package consistently - confident in how you're show up - promoting your business without overwhelm - attracting clients consistently ahead of 2023 - generating more money in your business READY? 👉 Let's go! Limited spaces Client reviews