What to do when you lack motivation in business ?

Sometimes, we may need motivation in our business to conduct tasks, lead a team or just be present.

This is very normal and I have worked with clients who have felt this way too.

What can cause lack of motivation?

- You're unclear on what you need to do and may be distracted from your goals
- A feeling of overwhelm
- You may lack of interest or knowledge to complete a task
- You're not ready to tackle the task as yet
- You may be trying to do way too much
- Scared of doing the task.

Can you relate?

Here are some quick tips to help if this ever happens to you:

- consider refreshing your routine
- remind yourself of your goals and review them
- determine what you need versus what you want
- remove some items off of your to-do list
- go outside for a walk
- work from a different environment
- rest and switch off, for as long as you need to
- refresh your to-do list. Or perhaps forget about lists altogether!
- get yourself a coach who can hold you accountable and help you get clear and see better results.

Hope this helps. For coaching services please message Vee via this website today!

If you feel overwhelm, get help. Don't stay stuck.

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