Tips & Tools To Save Time On Social Media

Ever had days where you don’t have time to get on social media?

We all know that social media does not sleep. And as a business, if you’re on social media, it’s important that you are visible and producing engaging content.

So, what do you do if you have no time to do social media, or you find that you cannot be available (or perhaps you want a few hours or days off)? Consider scheduling of course!

Rather than being invisible, get scheduling.

Anyone advising you that you shouldn’t be scheduling may not be aware of the benefits and the importance of staying at the front of people’s minds. Scheduling is especially important if you have a product or service which appeals to people globally – think time zones and difference in working hours!

Obviously, you cannot be available for everyone, around the clock. So it makes perfect sense to schedule if you want your business to be present. The main thing is to not over schedule posts &/or schedule posts which require you to respond!

11 Benefits of Scheduling Content

  1. Saves time
  2. Avoids distractions – no need to be worrying about what and when to post
  3. Keeps you visible
  4. Adds value to your followers
  5. Extends the lifespan of your article, post, video etc
  6. More relevant content that is thought through
  7. Great for if you want a break, or go on a holiday
  8. It’s especially useful for weekend posts and posts outside of your typical business hours.
  9. Spreads out your posts (rather than you posting everything in one go)
  10. You don’t have to be sat on your laptop, tablet or smartphone all day long
  11. You can be active online even when you’re not physically available


If you would like support with scheduling social media, contact me for details of my bespoke packages to show you how to schedule your posts!

Helpful Tips for scheduling:

– Understand your audience and what makes them tick!

– Spend as little as 10 minutes a day to schedule. Or spend half a day each month doing it

– Always review what you’re scheduling

– Schedule posts for the weekend

– Still remember to check in post/tweet ‘live’

– Produce valuable content

– Avoid posting questions when you’re not going to be available to respond or reply

– Publish information that’s produced by yourself but also by others

– Create content that relates to trends in the industry

– Consider using the apps on your phone to schedule. Hootsuite and Buffer are great!

Measure everything. Use analytics to determine if you’re scheduling at the right time.

I run social media workshops about this that you may be interested in. Subscribe for updates on my events here

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Analyse your social media activity and create your schedule around when you have most engagement and what type of content gets the most clicks. If you’d like more advice on this let me know!

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