The Importance of Asking Questions Before Hiring A Coach or Mentor

I had an interesting conversation this week with a colleague about an affluent entrepreneur who offers online marketing services but isn’t very active online with his own business. And it really got me thinking about how many individuals and agencies are charging huge fees and claiming to be knowledgeable or ‘experts’ in areas that they aren’t too familiar with themself.

So, if you’re considering marketing coaching services or thinking about paying an individual or agency to support the delivery of your marketing services this post just for you!

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Now as you know, I do not claim to be an expert, but I have been labelled as a ‘guru’ and ‘brand and marketing expert’ and what I do have is over 24+ years of hands on experience – working with a range of clients across different industries delivering their campaigns – so I do hope that I’m ‘allowed’ to share my views on this topic!

I’m not a big fan of people who promote themselves as Marketing Gurus and Coaches suggesting that they can consult on campaign execution – yet they don’t have any evidence depicting that they understand strategic marketing campaigns themself! And not just related to marketing either – yes – evidently there are a few people who are getting away with this.

Leading by example means just that. More than just a job title, you have to demonstrate you know precisely what you’re on about!

So to help you sift out the nonsense fluffy speak – some questions that you may want to ask your prospective (marketing) coach or mentor are:

  1. Can I see your portfolio please!
  2. Where were you trained? Qualifications/Experience
  3. How many clients have you worked with in the last year?
  4. What is your knowledge of latest industry trends?
  5. How many campaigns have you delivered on budget?
  6. What monitoring activity do you take on for your client campaigns?
  7. What is your client feedback (recent) on your marketing or coaching services?
  8. What are the likely outcomes of working with you?
  9. What does my contract cover/exclude?


My recommendation is that, if you think you have found the agency or individual to coach you with marketing &/or deliver your campaigns, consider the questions above and then the trust the process. Most importantly, make sure that they ‘get’ your brand and what you stand for!

Avoid being hasty in assigning yourself to a marketing coach or agency too quickly – unless you can see evidence of their success rates with other paying clients.

These are just some tips from me! Let me know if you have any more to share below!


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