Stuck on Festive Marketing Tactics to use?

What Festive Marketing Tactics will you use?

Some of us are still sat on the big idea and haven't promoted much or even created a plan. This means you're possibly wasting time &/or not making as much money as you could be right now!If you sold 20 of your bestseller or even 10 of your most expensive product or service this month, how much more money would you make? Do you work with sales goals or marketing targets? Do you have any seasonal offers that you're wanting to sell?

If you’re wanting to sell products and services before the end of this year, there are a few things that you’ll need you to review. Below are some free tips for you.

I'd recommend that you work towards a sales target. Trust me, it’s a game changer!

Then, consider:

- How can you stay consistent whilst working in your business or having a job?

- Having an irresistible offer helps. There is no point in trying to promote absolutely everything that you do. Focus on something, better still focus on one thing.

- Engage with your online community if you want to sell online. Whether this is automated, or via emails that they’ve agreed to receive, or even in the comments, or live streams, this is key.

- Remember if you’re only selling on social media as the main marketing tactic for your business, then you do need to be social.

- Offline marketing is relevant too. However this is down to you, so do consider whether you need leaflets, point of sale promotion, window displays, events, printed advertising.

We will go into more of this on my eight week evening coaching course.

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Stuck on marketing planning? We'll write your festive plan for you!

If you need help with creating a marketing plan then get in touch now  by reply email. Everyone who attends the 8 week coaching programme will have help and training step-by-step for you to create your own tactical marketing plan. But, if you just want a plan done for you, we can write out your plans and suggestions for content so you don't have to stress, overthink or get overwhelmed.  Get in touch todayThere are a number of ways Insight2Marketing can help you, so do get in touch if you're stuck!

Review what you're doing, there's still time

If you'd like my help, to coordinate and map out some of the key activities to grow your business, then click through to my 8 week programme. There's no 'year long' tie in on any of these solutions listed above. But, if you've got a few major marketing bits to figure out, do consider the 8 week programme a smart investment.This is just what you need to help you develop your brand, increase your visibility and master your marketing! All sign ups this will also receive a complimentary ticket to my Masterclass taking place in person, absolutely free. Teachings and trainings for this 8 week programme take place in the evenings &/or weekends.

If you want to sell more before the end of the year, make a decision today! Invest in your business

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