Need More Time ?

I was doing way too much...on my own

I was running out of time:
- exhausted
- panicking
- overwhelmed with tasks
- feeling very alone
- unsupported.

😒 Did I ever tell you about that time I delivered four events in ONE week? They were all a huge success but NEVER again.  I'll share on this today via Facebook and Instagram. I swear I will NEVER do that again. Ever. Too much to write here today, but I will definitely share on social media today 9am on Instagram and midday.

Five of the main tools that I use for assigning tasks and reminders to get me through each month, include:

➡️ Reminder app on iPhone
➡️ Toggl
➡️ (trying to use this as much as possible, but to be honest, I use the iPhone notes app more)
➡️ My planner

This week I'll share some cool time management tools that I have discovered online this week. Turn your notifications on. The first one is pictured here from Brendon Burchard - a few guiding questions to ask yourself several times a day:

I will share some more of the fantastic tips that I picked up on time management, over the next few days. Keep your notifications on and don't forget to add this email address to your contacts.

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