Improving Business Results by Reducing Overwhelm

We don’t always have the answers. I have a lot on my plate most months and, in the past, I’ve found myself very flustered and irritated when I’m overwhelmed with things to do. Not having a plan is what overwhelms me.

That’s why I’m always going on about the importance of having clarity and a plan on your terms!

Are you clear on what you’re doing this week? Or this month?

Some of us have no idea, yet we are on social media and attending events and signing up to new courses or watching YouTube university, with no real motive.

An organised mind, where you are clear on what you’re doing, makes a HUGE difference to your motivation levels.

Understanding what you’re doing and being able to focus should be the main goal.

I can tell you, there’s nothing exciting about overwhelm or having to constantly hustle for clients and customers. It’s exhausting.

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