I was playing small in business

I admitted to them that I was playing small...

And they didn't believe me. It took a lot for me to even share that and it was the truth.

I remember introducing myself, engaging and commenting throughout the live masterclass session.

I was on a live class with a paid coaching community of more than 50 people. The speaker asked us several questions. My response to one of the questions was that I felt that 'I play too small'.

Several of the attendees responded to me in the chat (one of them, the Founder of the group, responded to me on the live). All of them were indicating that they didn't feel I played small at all.

But I'm sharing this email today as other people's opinions of you is NOT RELEVANT.

I want to remind you that, playing big, playing small and your definition of business success are defined by YOU. Irrespective of how anyone else feels about how you run your business, if you feel that you are:

- stalling on your own ideas
- not showing up enough
- fearful and holding back

Then that may be a problem.

I help ALL of my clients with these type of challenges, yet, that's what I'd been partially doing for a long time. Holding myself back.

It took me a while to admit it! But I'm sharing this with you today, so that you can understand you're not the only one.

Yes - I'd been playing small for a very long time.

Watch this video here

ps - do you resonate with any of this? Are you holding yourself back in any way?

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