How to support more black business owners

Black Pound Day takes place on the 1st Saturday of every month and, whilst I support and work with ALL types of business owners, this is a movement that I am actively promoting.

It is a movement, not a moment

There are 5 key ways you can support more black business owners

5 Ways We Can Support Black Business Owners

I’ve created a brief video which explains this along with some examples (see below). If you are a business owner who wants to support more black business owners, see here: 5 Ways We Can Support Black Business Owners

You may also find this post helpful – if you want to connect with more black owned businesses in the comments section!

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Insight2Marketing supports and works with a diverse range of business owners. As it is Black Pound Day on the first Saturday of every month – consider whether you can do (or are you doing) any of the above 5 things to support Black Business Owners?

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