How to plan your brand and marketing ahead of 2023

I'm not surprised as it's usually an afterthought for small business owners...

Marketing Planning isn't always a priority when you just want to get out there and promote what you're doing. But how effective are we working, if there's no marketing plan? On many occasions, people waste time and money executing ideas that were not even relevant to their goals!

Co-ordinating marketing and staying consistent, is something a lot of us struggled with in 2022, but we need to change that moving forward.

Help is here, so please don't rush into 2023 without considering and writing down how you'll make money and see better results in your business. It is important that you explore:

- why, how, when and where you will promote your brands.

Let's not forget either that it is important to have some understanding of the people you're trying to connect with and target with marketing activities. Think: Ideal clients.

For your business to grow, it's mega important that you understand what type of marketing and promotional activity will work and having a winning marketing plan, will help you to increase awareness of your brands and make more money!

My 2023 Brand and Marketing planner will help you develop your plans and campaigns each month as well as get you more organised.

Improve your consistency and focus with workbook sections, campaign ideas, content themes and even sections for budgeting and time management. It's a great product for only £29!

Discover why business owners feel that the insight2marketing Brand and Marketing Planner is a worthwhile investment! Order your copy now at the discounted pre-order rate here.

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