How to increase customer reviews and boost business sales

Let's consider how you're currently promoting your business in relation to:
- your brand
- visibility and consistency
- your offers on currently
- your choice of marketing tactics
- your results
- how you're monitoring your performance

One area that I'd like to focus on today is the importance of social proof and testimonials. I've shared some tips on Instagram today to help you consider a few ways to collect more testimonials

Testimonials are important. Sharing your testimonials is also to increase awareness of your testimonials as social proof.

1. Google/Etsy/Amazon reviews (as examples)
2. Facebook business page
3. Website reviews
4. LinkedIn recommendations
5. Video reviews
6. Before & after images

Aside from these ideas above, you can also check out apps and tools like:

Trust Pilot
Google My Business

You can learn more about how to do this and also explore how to increase reviews, as we cover these topics in depth as part of my Bonus 5 Day challenge that you'll receive as a bonus if you sign up to the Evolve To Grow Hub today, for only £47 a month

If you want to:

- create your plans and campaigns
- understand which tactics to use
- set up you lead generation machine
- give you confidence to start using video marketing
- improve your engagement on social media
- increase followers every month
- set up your emails, send them and sell in them
- build an engaged audience online
- boost your sales
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