How to improve your consistency in business

Feel like giving up? Or often given up? Consistency can be a challenge for many of us in business.

Below are some quick pointers.

- Keep your eye on your vision. Why do you want to do this?

What is motivating you? WHY are you doing this? Remind yourself. Use prompts in your phone, planner or online calendar if it helps.

- Decide on what you can do and pick one things. Avoid multi-tasking

Focus on the task you want to do and try your best to be consistent at it and see results, before moving onto something else.

- Schedule and automate.

"Dont prioritise to schedule, schedule your priorities" (S. Covey)

- Turn off that voice in your head sometimes

Trying to talk yourself out of it, don't. Sticking to your plan might help you get things done, faster.

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- Outsource

This will help to keep you on track. If you feel like you're falling off from what you're doing often, it could be because you don't like the task you've set yourself.

- Try and have a routine

Get smart about when you do things. Some of us are more creative or productive in the evening or very early in the morning. Consider what you can do at certain times of the day, month or year (as examples)

-Take responsibility

Don't just be attached to the idea of getting the results, but be clear on HOW you can achieve them. Be realistic about your goals

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