Hoping for the best in business

If I'm honest I struggled with a lot in my business in the first 18 months. I didn't ask for help as I didn't trust many of the gurus. So I did my homework first. But if I'm honest, I spent way too much time on my homework...

I share this as I know this could be you too. I don't want anyone struggling with brand or marketing as we get closer to the end of 2021. Hoping for the best is not a strategy, but if your business is not your only income, perhaps 'hoping' is working for you right now as you're not certain of what you want from your business.

Some of us are running a business as a hobby because we have no real urgency or need to make money.

Today, I'm sharing some quick tips with you if you are ready to stand out, promote your business and start making money. Here are some visibility and branding tips to help you.

The thing is, I'm sure you're doing a lot already but, I'm unsure if you get how this all works. Doing a lot doesn't mean you're seeing results does it?

Pumping out content and using social media is not the only form of marketing and it definitely should not be your only form of marketing if you're not seeing results. What results are you seeing?

Do you want some help?

Visibility Tips
Tips to be more visible this week and see better results:
- review your brand and marketing tactics here
- connect with people who have commented or messaged you on your page
- share a video (or repost an old one if still relevant)
- host a live Q&A

Which one of the visibility tips above might you go ahead and do ? Do you need to review what you're doing, because we can do this.

More business tips
online here

I don't want you to be struggling with finding customers or promoting your business any more. We are now in August. Get in touch. I can help you. Just tell me where you need the help - we'll work together, just as I do with others - see reviews here

Reply now if you'd like some help. Enjoy the rest of your day,