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I always share with clients how useful brand storytelling is to separate your brand from others.

Nobody can have the same brand story as you and this is a great way to differentiate yourself in the industry you are in. It is a narrative that belongs to you or your company and you need to fully own this. It is about a combination of things – for example, you, your brand experience, your brand personality and your values – drawing these things out in various ways to connect with your ideal customers.

Brand storytelling can be done in a number of ways:

Sharing your behind the scenes

Social proof

A playlist for your audience – see Spotify and how they did this. I’ve also been subtly doing this over on TikTok (I’m an 80’s baby, so the tracks bring back memories for me)- example here

A strong brand identity and brand messaging

Customer reviews and testimonials

User generated content – showcasing people using your products and before/after images (as examples). This can also be a double whammy if it is a client review and a video made by the client – see here

Clear and direct messaging

The above are just a few examples.

No matter what, for your brand storytelling to be effective it should be :

  • Personal and relevant
  • Meaningful
  • Authentic
  • Simple

A neat example from iSmash

A great example of brilliantly done messaging and brand storytelling is this ad from iSmash and you should also check out their site do for other examples. This is simply done messaging that connects with a number of customers from different backgrounds with a common issue “Broken for months. Fixed in minutes”.

Such an easy message, easily interpreted by the masses, but demonstrating so subtly that what they do is repair your phone. Well done iSmash!

ismash outdoor ad

They share social proof across their website and very good messaging throughout.

Remember your brand story can make you stand out. So do consider some of the ways to start sharing yours and positioning yourself as a brand that means business

How are you sharing your brand story?

By sharing your brand story you can connect with more people online and offline, you can connect with more people that resonate with what you are about. Remember, most of us buy from brands that we know, like and trust. You can listen in for more on this here

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