Don’t let anyone hold you or your business back in 2021 !

I recall working with 2 clients who were told by other experts that they ‘were not ready’ to carry out certain activities that I had suggested. This baffled me!

Remember that sometimes people will place limits on you because of their own belief system. The advice I had given my amazing clients, was advice based on my experience and knowledge of working in branding and marketing for over 24+ years. I found it odd that they had been advised they should hold off on what I had suggested, but left the final decision with them. In the end, they took on my advice and exceeded their own expectations! Result! As you can imagine, this was a great moment for me too, as I was able to remind them that you can achieve whatever goal you set out to!

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Stay on your own track. Don’t be distracted!

Don’t allow anyone’s opinion to stop YOU in 2021. This is a reminder to both me and you!

Set your own goals and – as long as they sit well with you – just find a way to MAKE IT HAPPEN! I set up my own business with less than £100, dodged a few naysayers and negative thinkers along the way, but I don’t have any regrets.

I love this article by Lolly Daskal on how to avoid distractions.

Advice is good. And then you must decide.

All kinds of advice will be given to you along your journey as an entrepreneur (coaching or otherwise). Ultimately, no matter who the expert is, that final decision must rest with YOU. Here are 8 Ways To Take Your Own Advice

Don’t allow anyone’s opinion stop YOU in 2021. Press on.

Are you limiting yourself?

  • Do you talk yourself out of situations?
  • Perhaps you have convinced yourself that you are not ready yet

If that’s the case have a read of this article and it may help you

It’s time to commit to your own success!

A common theme in the feedback from my clients on my website, LinkedIn, Facebook etc is that I have taken every single one of my clients out of their comfort zone – and with success. In many cases, exceeding their own expectations when it comes to branding, promotion, sponsorship, events and use of video (as common examples).


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