Could This Way of Working Create More Balance

As business owners getting the balance right is hard at times. As a mother of 4 I have always needed time to switch off and it is no different in business, but with 4 my time is still restricted.

One of the biggest realisations that I had, well before Rona struck, was the need for me to have long days off, to myself. Not just to sleep but also to do things for myself like attend spa, go to lunch, or read in quiet.

A lot of us realised only a few months ago how important it is to take time off and rest - because we had no choice. I've always been an advocate for work/life balance, working at your own pace and taking time for you. I've pretty much openly shared my 'non hustle' views since 2013. I've never promoted over working or hustling and will never because it is not something I do myself.

So my question to you today is, are you working too hard?

Perhaps you haven't considered how much work you're putting in?

Are you able to reduce the amount of time you spend working on your business? Surprisingly this could improve your productivity and innovation.

I know for those of you who work in employment, some employers are encouraging longer working days and day off or leave early Friday. Many employers have also adapted to a more hybrid way of working. Reports show that shorter working weeks are better for a lot of employees. Read this

Do you think that this is possible in your business? Is this feasible? How are you able to work more efficiently, to reduce the time you spend working on/in your business.

Confusion around what you're doing when it comes to brand and marketing, can have us:
- over sharing the wrong type of content
- unsure about what to post when
- frustrated about what to do
- promoting to the wrong audiences
- unclear about our pricing
- doing way to much with little results
- relying on just one marketing tactic.

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I'm aware a few of us spend a lot of time on our business, some of us way too much time, but with very little results. Are you aware of how much time you're spending? Maybe it's time for a review with me?

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