Copywriting for Business - made simple

Do you find writing or compiling text a struggle? Unsure what to write or post?

Here's a quick checklist:

Look at your last 6 posts or articles.

- Does your copy grab attention? Would you stop scrolling if you were a potential customer? If so, why? Have a hook.
- Does your copy take the reader on a journey - consider the what next. If it's a long piece of copy, have you given them enough info to take them onto the next step (think call to action and also communicating benefits etc)
- Have you communicated your brand strengths or what makes you unique? Get clear on what your extra value proposition is. Share that, often.
- Suggest ways someone can follow up or contact you. Don't leave them hanging, consider the Call To Action

Don't overcomplicate your copy. I'll share some tips on Instagram today about this! Notifications on.

Do you struggle with what to write in your content or social media posts?

In the last 25 years I've written copy for :

  • user manuals
  • payphone guides lol
  • prison documents
  • annual reports
  • press releases
  • brochures and leaflets
  • employee induction packs
  • emails
  • fundraisers
  • social media
  • medical abstracts
  • websites
  • & more

I took a Plain English course (certificated) and have also had some of my copy used as examples of best practice in the public and third sectors. Look out for the tips, subscribe now:

COPYWRITING tips for 2022
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