Business Is Not Just About Sales

I appreciate that you may be keen to make money but...

I myself had been in situations where I would just want to make a sale, work with absolutely everyone and never say no, but the truth is, if you make decisions out of desperation, you're likely to learn the very hard way!

✅ So instead of pushing a sales message onto people, get to know them first

✅ Instead of saying yes to every client that comes your way, get to know them first

✅ Rather than offering everyone the same package, get to understand their specific needs.

Here are some ideas:

  • Be more personal
  • Be more empathetic
  • Be less salesy
  • Be genuine when offering solutions

Listening more is one way you can do this.

Remember if you nurture relationships with people online/offline, you get to understand more about what they may need.

How many conversations are you having with your online and offline community? Watch this for more tips

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