5 Ways To Boost Your Food Business in 2022

Before starting my business in 2013,  I was an employee in my 16 year career in brand and marketing, I led on a number of Food Festivals, Outdoor Dining events and fundraising bake offs. There were many perks to this as there was a lot of yummy food given away at festivals.

In the last 8 years of running my own business, I've worked with a large number of food business owners, caterers, food events and even written guest articles for regional press on food and drink. I have clients with food businesses both here and in abroad in the Caribbean.

Whether you're a food or drinks business already up and running or thinking of starting one, today's blog post includes some quick pointers for you to consider as we are easing out of lockdown in the UK:

  • Food events and markets

Why not host your own food event or exhibit at one?

  • Taster days and samples

Whether you choose to give away your latest sauces, cakes or canapes, be mindful of food allergies and labelling.

  • User generated content

What photos can your customers share. Create a hashtag or ask them to tag you into a post. They can create a hashtag specifically related to your menu or products/services.

  • A simple loyalty card

Encourage repeat buyers. What does your loyalty card need to include. Oh and dont forget your rubber stamps.

  • Giveaways and competitions

What can you afford to giveaway? A wedding cake, a crate of drinks or even a dinner for six people.

Get your thinking cap on, this is a prime time to be ramping up your small business marketing if you run a food or drinks business. Please do consider the importance of food labels, allergies, accessibility, postage costs etc.

We'll be discussing food business marketing in the next masterclass - register here

If you need help, do get in touch today. You can also send a message to Vee via the website.

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