StartUp Marketing Planning Made Easy in 2024

Let's Get Better At Branding and Marketing in 2024

In my experience of being in the industry for over 27 years, I know that top marketers are marketing professionals who plan for success. This is how millionaires get big, most plan for their success.

So, if you're wanting to work on your marketing this year and you've never had a marketing plan, you'll like the free marketing resources in today's blogpost.

I know many of you are doing marketing are promoting your brand, and you don't have clarity around why you're actually doing it or the outcomes you want to achieve. You're possibly wasting time and money by working without clarity and consistency. Even if your promotional ideas are working really well for you, how will you focus more on those ideas to grow your business in 2024?

Let's get better at brand and marketing this year! I wanted to share today some tips with you that I know will help you and help you understand why I've been encourage everyone to focus on branding, marketing and planning.

Free marketing tools to check out now

I created a podcast that is 18minutes to help you consider your marketing planning. Make time to listen in to it if you're currently stuck. I also have the webinar replay you can listen in to and I would encourage you to listen in and watch if you have time as this will set out some of the fundamentals you should consider this year. The webinar replay link is at the end of this post, below.

I can help you!

I am running a range of coaching programmes this year. Are you stuck and in need of a coach? Do visit the link here for details of my course starting 19th February 2024.

Additionally, if you didn't know there are various ways Insight2marketing can support your business. Through live events and trainings, through to coaching, consultancy and social media management.

I also produced a helpful and informative A5 planner that will give you prompts, reminders and help with planning throughout 2024!

  • Over 30 pages of workbook sections - Gain clarity and understanding of what to do
  • Branding and Marketing tips - Online and offline marketing tips
  • Social media tips - Ideas to help you improve your digital marketing
  • Useful content ideas - Key dates, themes and ideas for the whole year
  • Weekly prompts, checklists and reminders - Improve your productivity
  • Campaign Ideas - Get better at planning promotional activities
  • Weekly and monthly planning sections - Organise your time better
  • Colouring in pages, quotes and notes pages - Relax the mind or jot down ideas
  • Review and budgeting sections - Be accountable and stay on track of your success!

If you sign up for any of my paid coaching programmes, you'll receive a copy of the Planner, worth £29. The planner is also available for order on the website.

Get your planner when you sign up to the Get Your Marketing Mojo Back 8 week coaching programme online.

Free tools to help you

Listen in to the marketing planing podcast

Watch the marketing planning replay video, here

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