12 Ways to Improve Your Personal or Business Branding in 2022

The typical way of placing your logo onto everything and anything to get noticed no longer has that much impact - things have changed. Although a good piece of promo doesn't always need to be endorsed with a logo, having your logo on materials does help to make your product/service more credible. So consider creating a robust brand that is easily recognised - examples of strong visual identities include Innocent Drinks , Virgin and Apple

Visual branding influences people's perception of you, so it is always sensible to be professional, consistent and visible.

12 Simple Quick Wins - Tactics For Awesome Branding

  1. Consider your brand, what it stands for. Your vibe attracts your tribe so make sure that your brand personality is unique to you. We cover all of this on my programme.
  2. Think about keywords or qualities that you want people to associate with your brand. Jot them down. If you need help with this, ask me (via the website chat feature, on this site) for my KeyWord branding sheet to give you a headstart.
  3. If you don't have a logo, organise to get a decent logo made up for your business. If budget is really tight, then perhaps try creating your own logo - but I really don't advise creating your own logo as if you don't have an eye for design it can go very wrong. Whatever you decide, just please please please don't use ClipArt! And, if you're reading this and you already have your logo sorted, then look at if its needs updating? Tools like Canva, Adobe Spark can help when creating content.
  4. Create some images that are unique to your brand, post them across your social media networks too. Be consistent with the images, photos and illustrations that you use. Have a colour palette if you can, so that you’re easily recognised.
  5. You don’t have to have a website, but it helps if you do. If you don't already have one, look into plans to design and build your website. If you are just starting up, even if it’s just a holding page to 'register interest' before launch that will help! A landing page or social media profile can also work. There are some businesses who do well without a website, so it really is up to you and your personal preferences. Marketing funnels and landing pages can easily be created using tools like ClickFunnels* to make your life a whole lot easier!
  6. Set yourself up on some social media channels and most consistently on them. Even if you are just starting out, consider the benefits of video on your social media platforms. People buy people. Be the face behind your brand!
  7. Build your own database and ask people to opt into receiving updates via your online newsletter. To create your eNewsletter - consider using Mailchimp, DotMailer or Constant Contact
  8. Create a unique, short and catchy hashtag (as examples, insight2Marketing hashtags are #i2M #inspireUrBiz and #Insight2Marketing)
  9. Launch your own blog or video channel on YouTube or Instagram as alternatives - especially if you like video blogs (vlogging). If you need tips on this, let me know.
  10. Create a branded profile page for your social media accounts - an example of this is our page for Insight2marketing is here and also the InspireurBiz page here
  11. Look at your key messages again, what are you telling people? Do they need updating?
  12. Create some cover pages, group page images and keep them on brand. Build up your brand using consistent memorable branding.

And don't forget to consider your trademarks etc as early on as possible. Protect those assets!

Work on your branding in 2022

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About Vee Roberts:

I am a Strategic Brand and Marketing Consultant and the owner of Insight2Marketing. More details www.insight2marketing.com/veeroberts

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