• Tokr Releases First Mainstream Marijuana Spot on iHeartRadio May 25, 2018
    Cannabis is now legal in California ... but where do you start? That's what a new radio ad--just released to millions of Bay Area listeners in the first advertising push by a marijuana company in mainstream media--is here to tell you. Tokr, which launched in 2017, is an app available on both iTunes and Google...
    Alissa Fleck
  • Carpool Karaoke Scores Partnership With Porsche, Its First With a Car Brand May 25, 2018
    The Late Late Show With James Corden has a new episode of its popular series Carpool Karaoke rolling out this week with Adam Levine. None of that is particularly out of the ordinary for the program. What's different this time around is that the franchise partnered with a car brand, Porsche, to bring the latest...
    Katie Richards
  • Why Brands Need to Pay Attention to Ever-Changing Consumer Habits May 25, 2018
    Consumers are notoriously mercurial. In fact, they themselves can't predict what will make them happy. This psychological quirk makes it hard for them to know whether the products they purchase or the services they invest in will satisfy them--and it makes it that much harder for advertisers. After all, how do advertisers know when they...
    Ilya Pozin
  • Google Hires R/GA Veteran Chloe Gottlieb as Director of User Experience May 25, 2018
    Longtime R/GA executive Chloe Gottlieb has accepted a top role in Google's design department, agency founder, chairman and CEO Bob Greenberg wrote in an all-staff email this morning. An agency spokesperson confirmed her departure but declined to comment. Gottlieb, along with representatives from Google's marketing department, had not yet responded […]
    Patrick Coffee
  • Social Benchmarking: The New Frontier for Influencer Marketing May 25, 2018
    As brands pour billions of dollars into influencer marketing, the demands for new technology and data to measure effectiveness have increased dramatically. Clients no longer think of branded content and brand ambassadors as a talent model or public-relations budget--instead, it is a media buy that must map back to return on investment. With the maturation... […]
    Ryan Detert
  • Diet Madison Avenue Goes Dark After News of Defamation Suit May 25, 2018
    Anonymous industry whistleblower account Diet Madison Avenue effectively disappeared last night, several hours after news of a civil defamation suit filed against the entity went live in the advertising trade press. As of approximately 10 p.m. last night, its Instagram and Twitter accounts had been shut down, and its WordPress domain is now "parked. […]
    Patrick Coffee
  • Consumer Reports Launches First Ad Campaign Highlighting How It Keeps Companies Honest May 25, 2018
    Consumer Reports wants people to know it's still "bringing the fine print into focus" on everyday purchases. The brand that's been reviewing products for consumers since 1936 has debuted an ad campaign to freshen up its image and reach new customers. In an age when people might turn to the first review they pull up...
    Alissa Fleck
  • The ‘Dilly Dilly’ Saga Continues, With a Spanish-Language Twist for the World Cup May 25, 2018
    While we haven't seen the regal "Dilly Dilly" crew in an ad since the Super Bowl, they've certainly remained active, whether trolling the Masters or hoping to get drafted by the Jets. But now the monarch of malt--whose name is apparently King John Barley IV--is back in two new spots, alongside some new characters and...
    David Griner
  • 72andSunny Parts With 5% of Staff in Its L.A. Headquarters May 24, 2018
    MDC Partners' 72andSunny laid off an unspecified number of employees amounting to "less than 5 percent" of total staff in its Los Angeles office this week, several days after its relationship with Infiniti came to an end. According to a statement from an agency spokesperson, the company is currently undergoing an internal reorganization in ord […]
    Patrick Coffee
  • Defamation Suit Filed Against Diet Madison Avenue May Test the Limits of Speech on Social Media May 24, 2018
    In what would appear to be the first direct legal challenge to the Diet Madison Avenue Instagram account, former CP+B chief creative officer Ralph Watson has filed a civil case accusing it, along with two anonymous parties who allegedly help run the account, of defamation. Campaign first reported on the suit earlier today. The case...
    Patrick Coffee




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