• Mobile Is Changing How Fans Are Watching Sports. Here’s How Verizon Is Leading the Charge February 20, 2018
    Live sports has been the bedrock of linear television in the digital era. As everything else in entertainment has been disrupted and disintermediated, broadcast and cable networks have paid dearly to keep sports as appointment television. But changing viewer habits and new business opportunities are upending those assumptions, creating a new mobile-first par […]
    Tim Carmody
  • This Agency Thinks Advertisers Should Put Their Money Where Their Ears Are February 20, 2018
    Every podcast fanatic's favorite host probably reads an ad for Sleep Number, MVMT Watches or Harry's at least once per episode--and that's because of Ad Results Media, which claims to be the world's most profitable podcast advertising agency based on IAB industry revenue estimates. Born out of a merger between Ad Results Advertising and B […]
    A.J. Katz
  • BlackBerry Refuses to Give Up February 20, 2018
    On Oct. 20, 2011, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was aboard a C-17 Globemaster military plane bound for Libya. While waiting for takeoff, Clinton--wearing a pair of dark sunglasses--began pecking at her smartphone, her face a mask of determination. Alert to an iconic moment, a Reuters photographer clicked his shutter. National media picked up the...
    Robert Klara
  • Infographic: What Marketers Look for in an Agency February 20, 2018
    Just like any relationship, marketers and agencies need to cultivate and maintain their union--and not just during the honeymoon phase. New research from Provoke Insights shows that while cost is the biggest factor driving account reviews, several potential problems can result in agency-marketer relationships being on the rocks, including agency responsivene […]
    Sammy Nickalls
  • This Digital Ad Format Guru Lives and Breathes Outside the Box February 20, 2018
    Sport-bike racer, six-patent holder, biometric lab creator--these are just a few of Walter Geer's self-earned epithets. But his actual title is vp and creative director at Verve Mobile, where he creates and delivers "high-impact ad formats" to companies. Geer graduated college in 1999 with a completely different career trajectory: He started i […]
    Ann-Marie Alcántara
  • Media Shops Face an Identity Crisis as Clients Move More Work In-house February 20, 2018
    The next round of big-budget media reviews has begun, and beneath it lies an existential threat to the established agency business model. Last summer's rumored wave is now a real-world tsunami encompassing billions in RFPs from brands like Marriott, Mars, McDonald's, Microsoft, Mondelez and more. But clients have learned from past mistakes; this ti […]
    Patrick Coffee
  • Agency 180LA Launches an Officewide ‘Workplace Conduct’ Investigation February 20, 2018
    A spokesperson for the Omnicom-owned agency network 180 confirmed today that the company recently launched an internal investigation into employee behavior at its Los Angeles office. "180 is conducting an investigation into workplace conduct and the company culture," the representative told Adweek. "It is ongoing, and we will act accordingly o […]
    Patrick Coffee
  • What KFC’s Chicken Delivery Fiasco in the U.K. Will Mean for the Brand February 20, 2018
    KFC found itself in a precarious situation over the weekend when, somehow, its U.K. stores ran out of chicken. Seriously, most of its 900 locations had to temporarily shut down because there was no chicken to serve due to a snafu with a new delivery partner. (KFC recently switched over to work with DHL.) Over...
    Katie Richards
  • Hypergiant Aims to Be Artificial Intelligence Concierge to Fortune 500 February 20, 2018
    Move over, Sam Malone: Flanagan, the AI mixologist is here to serve up cocktails. Artificial intelligence-solutions company Hypergiant helped develop a new AI bartender/mixologist program for TGI Friday's called Flanagan (named for Tom Cruise's character in the 1988 film Cocktail). Flanagan, which interacts with both TGI Friday's smartphone ap […]
    Tim Carmody
  • Comedian J.B. Smoove Explains What Goes Into Being the Face of Bic Men’s Razors February 20, 2018
    When indie creative shop Jomo won the Bic Flex 5 men's razors assignment in August, its leaders knew they had to find a unique voice that would showcase the product's quality and value while setting the brand apart from its many competitors. Jomo found that voice in J.B. Smoove, a.k.a. Jerry Angelo Brooks, the actor,...
    Lindsay Rittenhouse

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